Why Pre Plan

The best way to ensure you have a green funeral is to select your lot now. We make it very easy to preplan and select a lot in advance.

Many people discuss this idea but do not follow through. Then, when a death occurs, there is no time to explore options and thus they find it too easy to follow the conventional route of a regular cemetery. To ensure you have a natural funeral, pre plan now while there is time to explore the options.

It is as simple as coming in to choose a plot. That way, when the time comes, your loved ones can be confident that they are following your wishes.

Since there is only very simple memorialization and no decoration, green burials should be discussed with all family members and friends. Some family members may want to decorate graves with more than is allowed in this section. This should be resolved before the burial.

For this reason we will not do 'at need' burials. Customers shall have purchased their lot at least three months prior to any burial.

Call the cemetery to arrange an appointment and see what is available. The staff is happy to discuss your natural funeral and answer any of your questions or concerns.