What type of containers:

Inexpensive biodegradable caskets are available made of poplar wood.

Cobourg Union have developed a shroud specifically for the natural area. Please ask the cemetery or our partners for more information. Our partners can be found on the links page.

What does pre-planned only mean:

Since there is only very simple memorialization and no decoration, green burials should be discussed with all family members and friends. Some family members may want to decorate graves with more than is allowed in this section. This should be resolved before the burial.

For this reason we will not do 'at need' burials. Customers shall have purchased their lot at least three months prior to any burial.

What is immediate disposition:

Immediate disposition occurs when a body is interred as quickly after a death as possible. After the proper paperwork is completed the body is interred. It is the simplest type of funeral without visitation or funeral services. Graveside services or gatherings can be held in conjunction with immediate disposition.

How expensive is a 'green' funeral:

The expense of green services is dependant on the type of service desired, however green immediate disposition is much less expensive than a conventional funeral.

There is no premium charged at Union Cemetery for a green funeral. The price of a lot in 2023 is $2500 with the opening being $1900.

MacCoubrey Funeral Home offers 'green' services starting at $2265 excluding container, disbursements and taxes. More elaborate green services are available with customization to the family's wishes.

What about cremation:

We do not view cremation as being ecological due to the high amount of fuel used
in the process. (27 litres of gas per body.) Thus there is no provision for cremated
remains in the 'green' section and we do not advocate anybody choosing this area if they plan on being cremated. The Cemetery has other nice options of columbaria, a wall, and in ground lots for those choosing cremations.

Can I have flowers or decorations:

To preserve the natural setting there can be no artificial decorations. At the time of the funeral, decorations may be left for a few days but will be removed after a week.

Graves will be marked temporarily by the cemetery so people that cannot attend the funeral can find it when visiting.

A rock may be used to mark a grave permanently. The cemetery has some suitable rocks to be used, or you can provide your own.

How do I visit the grave:

For most people choosing a natural burial it is more important to know their loved ones rest in a nice meadow than directly in front of a particular monument. They come to visit the meadow and find solace in the setting. Thus to them it is not that important to know the precise spot. The approximate spot, or even the meadow, is where they visit.

If for any reason the precise spot needs to be found the staff can easily locate it since accurate records are kept of all sales and interments. The site is mapped out and the staff can locate any grave.